Agent's Training Notes
NATC Institute

School of Business

Registration No : 201113270M 
ERF 05/09/2018 - 04/09/2022

Edutrust: EDU-3-3128
24/04/2018 to 23/04/19
Approved Training Organization

Code of Conduct for Agents

  1. Agent must at all times conduct himself / herself with integrity and in a manner that will reflect positively on the image and reputation of NATC Institute as reliable providers of quality education and training.
  2. Agent shall at all times carry out the services in a professional, responsible and ethical manner and should not do anything that might disparage or prejudice NATC Institute’s interest, reputation and/or goodwill.
  3. Agent shall not contravene or in any way act in contravention to any provision or expectation stated in their Agreement with NATC Institute.
  4. Agent shall not be engaged in any unethical practice and shall not make or allow to be made any misrepresentations or false or misleading statements nor make any claims, warranties, representations or statements which may be false, untrue, ambiguous, misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent.
  5. Agent shall at all times ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and any other legal requirements in the Territory with regard to the performance of the Services and the marketing and/or promotion of NATC Institute and/or the sale of the Programmes.
  6. Agent shall at all times ensure that he/she is aware of all relevant Singapore laws and regulations and rules or guidelines of any Singapore government agency and shall ensure that he/she does not in any way breach or do anything that goes against these laws and regulations and/or rules.
  7. Agent shall promote himself/herself and NATC Institute fairly and provide honest, accurate and complete information about himself/herself and the School.
  8. Agent must apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must not engage in high-pressure sales, “bait and switch” advertising or similar unfair practices.
  9. Agent shall ensure that he/she is not negligent, careless or incompetent such that he/she compromises the integrity of NATC Institute and/or Singapore’s reputation.
  10. Agent must not collect any money from the students under any circumstances. All payments by the students are to be made to NATC Institute directly.
  11. Agent shall follow NATC Institute’s prescribed procedure to clarify any doubt.

List of Agents

  • ACRA Reg No: 201113270M
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  • ERF 05/09/14 to 04/09/18
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